Get Ready for Season Two!

April 12, 2016

We know it’s been a really long wait, but we’re tickled to announce that the second season of our The Weekend Starts Now podcast kicks off tonight!

The program, in concert with The Heavy Table, is supported this season by the good people atIndeed Brewing Company and Annie B’s! Haven’t heard it? Get caught up on our first season on our soundcloud page!

We’ll be taping episodes 1 and 2 this coming Tuesday in Indeed Brewing’s new Ox Room, which will be reserved for us and our guests. We’ll talk to author Rick Shefchik (of Everybody’s Heard About The Bird), dance advocate and performer Michele SteinwaldPioneer Press music writerRoss Raihala, comedian Brandi Brown, photographer extraordinaire and show booker Adam DeGross, and much more, including the return of the dreaded-yet-beloved Opposite Game Quiz. Please join us, the tickets are free, and there’s of course all the Indeed taps going!

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